Gel Pedicure - 75min - £58

Gel pedicure includes gel application then Footlogix medi pedi. Pediceutical foot care to provide effective and transformational results with nails that last for weeks.

Polish Pedicure - 60 min - £50

Foot soak, nail prep removal of calluses, exfoliation and foot massage with Footlogix medi pedi. Nail paint.

Gel Toes - 30 min - £30.00
Toe File and Paint - 30 min - £25

Nail prep, Infinite shine colour

Soak Off On Toes - 30 min - £15
Toe Soak Off & Gel Reapplied - 1 hr - £38
Gel Toe Soak Off & Gel Reapplied with Pedicure 90 min - £65
Elim Mediheel Pedicure No Polish - 45 min - £40

Elim is a medical grade pedicure treatment which uses state-of-the-art ingredients to remove hard skin and calluses from the feet.
Traditional methods for hard skin removal have been dominated for centuries by methods such as harsh filing and blading. This action sends messages of trauma to the skin, therefore causing overproduction of skin cells which leads to excessive hard skin and the formation of calluses.
Alkaline peels offers a safer and more efficient alternative which has proven success. The active ingredients used in chemical peels change the PH of the skin, breaking down the protein bonds that bind together the dead skin cells from the epidermis. When performed safely calluses are effectively treated without stimulating a healing response which would lead to overproduction of the epidermis and hardened skin as seen with filing and blading.

If we give our feet the care we give our faces, we will all have perfectly beautiful feet. Yes they are hidden most of the time, but beautiful heels and attractive feet come with daily care. We offer all of the Elim homecare range.

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