MINI MANICURE - 20 mins - £22.00

Shape free edge, cuticle prep, buff nail plate, nail envy.

Add On Deluxe Manicure - 30 mins - £22.00
Turn your mani into a deluxe treatment.
Hands are exfoliated with pro spa ultra-nourishing exfoliating sugar scrub containing cupuacu and white tea. Hands are then put into advanced softening gloves with ultra-hydrating macadamia oil and shea butter. These anti-oxidant-rich, single-use gloves help hydrate and soften even the driest skin, with vitamin E and macadamia oils, shea butter and aloe. We then place your hands into hot mitts for an intense deluxe treatment.
Male Manicure - 30 mins - £20.00
Nail prep, cuticle work, buff and shine nails exfoliation, hand massage cuticle oil.
OPI Treatment Manicure - 45 mins - £30.00

OPI ProSpa manicure treatment provides maximum strengthening with wheat protein and calcium for harder stronger natural nails, plus white tea extracts resulting in younger looking hands.
Treatment includes nail prep, exfoliation, massage and nail envy

Long Lasting Polish Manicure - 45 mins - £35.00
Gel-like wear and shine without the commitment of gels. A 3 step system that lasts up to 1

Nail soak and nail prep, hand exfoliation, massage and infinite shine colour.

Long Lasting Polish File & Paint - 30 mins - £20.00

For long-lasting colour, choose your base coat. Strength. Condition. Smooth. Brighten

Gelcolor Manicure - 60 mins - £38.50
No drying time, smudging or chipping…what every woman needs! Gel manicure that cures in seconds under LED light and lasts for weeks. Includes nail prep, hand scrub, gel colour and cuticle oil.
Gel Mani Soak Off With Nail Envy - 30 mins - £15.00
Soak off with hot mitts and nail prep with Nail Envy
Bio Sculpture Strengthening Gel Manicure - 45 mins - £35.00

Evo Gel is a long lasting, pigment rich with a high gloss mirror shine. There are 3 versatile bases to choose from which will protect, build, enhancethe natural nail. Evo colours offer excellent consistency and intense nail coverage. Every gel is 100% vegan, cruelty free.

Gel soak off and strengthening gel reapplied - 75 min - £49.50
No charge for soak off if gel was applied here.
Subtle Nail Art or French Manicure - Add On
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