Locations Near Our Beauty Salon In Harborne, Birmingham

We offer an extensive list of luxury beauty treatments including award-winning Katherine Daniels, Elemis, Bio Sculpture & OPI.

Jennifer’s Spa & Beauty Salon in Harborne, Birmingham

Jennifers Spa and Beauty is a salon all about making you feel comfortable and taken care of, we are located in Harborne, Birmingham.

We are a Katherine Daniels and Elemis skin health salon. We aim to ensure your skin is working at optimal health and radiance. We deliver proven results with award-winning skincare products combined with advanced technology. Discover our Biotec facials designed to sculpt and smooth your skin creating a more youthful appearance. Indulge yourself with a transformative skincare portfolio. Face & body skincare products, with revolutionary formulas & spa treatments. Innovative skincare products which blend science and the chemistry of nature.

We offer professional lash and brow treatments. Vibrant colour & luminous shine. Long-lasting results that transform the appearance of lash and brows. Take time to relax with a luxury manicure or pedicure. We use the UK’s best nail brands Bio Sculpture and OPI. Offering endless possibilities for natural manicures. We also offer Elim Mediheel, a medical-grade pedicure treatment which uses state-of-the-art ingredients to remove hard skin and calluses from the feet.

Jennifers Spa and Beauty Salon Harborne, Birmingham
spa & beauty salon in Harborne


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